Monday, August 6, 2012

How to pass a drug test with less than a few hours and $5

Hello and thank you for reading. Press ctrl+d to bookmark this, for when you have to take a drug test. So today I will teach you potheads how to pass a drug test :p. So first of all I got a job application tomorrow and a drug test either tomorrow or Thursday. Either way if I don't do anything until then, I am screwed. If you know me, you know I smoke chingos of dro/kush/homegrown and by chingos I mean at least 3 blunts when I wake up along with a couple of bong rips from a whitewalled bong. That's just in morning, by the end of the day we got our local store tripling the amount of cigarillos they order for monthly stock. My dog Ganja has a higher thc tolerance than you probably do, So if you think you smoke a lot and this might not work. Don't even worry about it, If it works for me I am sure it will work for your 1 blunt of dro a day smoking ass. :p

So first of all let me list what you will need and where you can find the stuff.
Our main ingredient here is Certo aka Fruit Pectin. If you don't know what it is look at my picture. It can be found in the canned / gelatin section of your favorite grocery store, or walmart. It cost me about $2.84. Lets just round it to $3.50 for the fuck of it.

Okay so now you got your Certo, and 2nd ingredient you will need is either about 48 - 64 Ounces of water, gatoraid or cranberry juice. I myself for tomorrow drug test am going to go with Gatoraid.
Optional Ingredient is Vitamin B-2 or B-12 to color your urine yellow :p
Okay so now here is what you do. If your test is the next day then the night before go ahead and down one pack of Certo, you can put it in a liquid with flavor so it can taste a bit better(tastes like shit with water). Drink about 24 - 32 oz of liquid(water, gatoraid, cranberry juice). Piss a few(2 to 3) times that night and in morning when you wake up try to drink some more liquid. When you piss it should be clear which is a good sign.If you decide to take the vitamin B( 50 to 100 mg) do it about an hour or 2 before test, now go take your drug test, piss and smile when you turn in your piss.
If your test is in a few hours than take certo in liquid(for better taste). Than drink about 32 - 48 oz of water/gatorid/cranberry juice. Try to piss a few times, after your 2nd or 3rd time you should be able to pass the test with a breeze. Take vitamin about an hour before you piss so your urine can look yellow and natural.
Good luck to all you that have to take a stupid test for a natural herb. I will soon post what certo does to your body that makes you pass. :) Share if this was or will be helpful.


  1. and try to capture the middle of your stream rather then the beginning or end

  2. Our Synthetic Urine, is guaranteed to help you pass your urine drug test test because it is premixed with all of the correct ph levels, creatine levels and specific gravity of human urine without the toxins!

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  4. Nice and easiest way. Thanks for sharing this. My friend was also suffering from this problem. On research, he found as helpfu

  5. Great information on how to pass a drug test on a budget. For more guaranteed solutions for passing any type of drug test in 1 hour or less visit:

    1. How can I pass a methamphetamine drug test I got about 5hours

    2. How can I pass a methamphetamine drug test I got about 5hours

  6. Ive never tried this but wouldnt mind knowing if it truely works lol

  7. Thanks for this how-to tutorial. It was easy to understand with the pics! Here is a good place to see some options as far as synthetic versus powdered urine if anyone is interested in reading further.

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  9. Interesting to try this. Every time is harder and harder to pass a drug test. At there's some good info too.

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  11. Hmm would that really work in that way? I'll try it. Also got a method from Let's see which one works best for me. Thanks.

  12. Lets say my drug test is at 3:30 i drink it at 12:30 right ?

  13. how can I pass a drug test for meth in a few hours time

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  15. Can I use apple pectin 500mg vitamin work instead of Certco?

  16. Can I use apple pectin 500mg vitamin work instead of Certco?



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